NFC sensor working and its applications

By | July 5, 2020

Over the years, technologies are progressing day by day. Mobile phones adopt new technologies very fast. Different mobile companies are using different inventions in their mobiles. NFC “Near Field Communication” is also a new technology that is using in smartphones these days. Mostly, it is using to transfer data between two devices, such as sharing photos, videos, and different files. Making payment through Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay is also possible through a near field communication sensor. Just think that sharing data and conducting payments is so difficult without NFC. It has become your life easier and comfortable.

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What is NFC sensor

The Near Field Communication sensor makes it possible to transfer high-frequency data between devices via the wireless communication system from 10 cm. Minimum two compatible devices is the requirement for the process:

one which transmits and another which receives the signals. Due to its unique features, it is recommended instead of Bluetooth.

  • It is set up easily
  • Its power requirement is less than Bluetooth
  • It is more secure than Bluetooth
  • These sensors use radio frequencies

NFC Tags

The tags are small microchips that can store little information, such as wifi password, ATM pin-code, and any other data. These tags start when an active device having a magnetic field comes close to it, then an electric current induced in communication antenna which gives power to the microchip.


How NFC sensor works?

near field communication sensor shares information and data through radio waves like other methods such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Pairing or finding a device is not necessary for an NFC sensor like, in Bluetooth. Two devices having NFC can connect to each other automatically within the range of four inches. The basics of this technology is old RFID (Radio-frequency identification) in which electromagnetic induction is used for transmitting data and information. The frequency of transmitting data across devices is 13.56 megahertz. 212 kilobits of data can be shared for every second.


These sensors use three different operation mode:

  • Peer to peer
  • Read or write
  • Card emulation

Peer to peer mode

Peer to peer mode, mostly using in mobiles through which two NFC devices can share data. At the time of sending and receiving data, the two devices turn on.

Read or write mode

One-way data is transmitted in the second mode, read or write mode. A smartphone is used to read the data of another device, then both are connected.

Card emulation

In the third mode, card emulation, the device having an NFC sensor acts as a credit card and is used to make payments.

Applications or uses of NFC sensor

NFC sensors have applications for different functions.

Sharing internet passwords with others

We secure our internet password by including numbers, alphabets, and symbols. When our friends need it for using the internet, it is risky to tell it verbally, but a microchip tag makes this job very easy for you. Now, your friend has to scan the sensor tag after downloading instaWiFi(This an android app), and he can enjoy your network by logging in.

Using Android Beam to share media

Every near field communication-enabled android smartphone has the feature of Android Beam. Through the Android Beam, you can share media and contacts with another android device by keeping the phones closer. It is very convenient to share the data via an NFC sensor. It can work on less power and sometimes without power.

nfc mobile

Works as an alarm to wake you up

If you feel it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, and also snoozes the alarms every time, smartphones having NFC is the perfect wake up call for you. Sleep as an android app can wake you up by dismissing the alarm after scanning the NFC tag. You have to keep the NFC tag beyond your reach, so obviously, you have to get up for stopping the alarm.

Starting your computer from a distance

Don’t be surprised, and it’s true that you can do this miracle and can impress your friends. It is possible through an NFC sensor. You have to install some apps on your android phone like Tasker and Trigger, etc. After this, set configuration on your computer and you are in this. If you place your phone near the computer, it starts immediately while the power button turns ON.

Bluetooth speakers

If you want to listen to your favorite music, the Bluetooth connection involves many steps, but the near field communication sensor makes this task very easy. You can enjoy the songs by tapping your phone to the Bluetooth speakers having an NF communication sensor.

How can we make a NFC device.

To make it first of all we need a tag. It’s important the tag is rewritable, otherwise, it will not work. Just for a hobby, you can take PN532 which can works easily with Arduino and raspberry pi.


I will make another tutorial to explain how these devices and interface with Arduino and raspberry pi.

Summing up

We can say that transferring the digital data from one device to another has become uncomplicated and effortless due to NFC sensors. We can also enjoy its more benefits other than sharing data.

Its all about NFC and its working. In later blog posts i will discuss more about its working with practical applications. Please keep in contact.

Thanks for reading if you have any question please comment I will try my best to reply.

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