What is cmd and how to open it?

By | October 15, 2020

CMD is a command-line application in most windows operating systems. It uses commands to perform actions using scripts or batch files. Commands used to direct action rather than using a graphical display. These commands used to perform actions and troubleshooting problems. It has a cmd.exe file in the window to which do all things.

Hello, Today I will tell you about cmd(command prompt or command shell in windows). How many ways to open it and how it is useful.

command prompt sometime incorrectly considered DOS prompt or MS-DOS. Its true that command prompt can run some commands of ms-dos, but they are not same.

Command prompt in windows provides us access to almost 280 commands to perform the different tasks without using window graphical user interface like creating folders, checking the networks, copying files, and restarting the computer. etc. It’s much easier to troubleshoot problems through cmd rather than using a graphical interface. In this article, I will discuss the most used commands and see their results.

How to open command prompt in windows?

There are many ways to open and the same methods used to launch a command prompt in all windows, all these ways are briefly demonstrated below with short cut keys.

Command prompt from window+X:

Press Window+X key and then click on command prompt.


command prompt from window+R:

Another method is to use window key with R and then write ‘cmd’ in run and press ok.


Command prompt from task manager:

Write click on the taskbar and goes to task manager, then in file sections ‘Run new task’, remaining the same as the previous command.


Type cmd and click ok to open it.


command prompt from window search manu:

you can access cmd from window search, Window+F, or search manually.


Command prompt with address bar:

You can simply find .exe file of cmd and run it. Address is given below.


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