What is IoT & How it is Important?

By | July 5, 2020

Internet of things:

Internet of things or in short term IoT is all about connecting things to the internet and controlling them remotely. This is just an introduction only for beginners, In this blog, I will only introduce you with IoT and in upcoming blogs, we upload practical examples.

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Nowadays, IoT has become an important technology of this century. We can connect everything to each other which has an internet connection, Such as home appliances, kitchen garden, cars, motorcycles, baby monitor devices, persons, and things. These devices can be connected to embedded systems so we can easily control things with the smartphone.

internet of things

We see millions of physical devices in our daily life which are connected to the internet and collect and share data. A huge advancement in the wireless network after arriving small computer chips and fast network techniques make it easy to automate these things. Now it is very easy to turn ON and OFF anything from anywhere.

Different physical devices connected to each other and adding sensors which able them to get digital intelligence to devices, enabling them to talk and share data without effort of human beings.

When you are reading this post, it might be a laptop or mobile, maybe a tablet, but it does not matter what are you using, which matters is that, all these devices are definitely connected to the internet.

How Basic is IoT?

The internet of things is really a pretty simple concept, it means taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the internet.


How important internet connection is?

An internet connection is an amazing thing and brings many benefits that were not possible before it. You can think when there were no smartphones you could call and text only, but now in smartphones, you can watch your favorite movies, listen to songs, video calls other incredible things in your mind. I think people are confused to understand IoT because some time is defined very loosely but believe me, it is very easy to understand if you think about the benefits of connecting things to the internet and what is the purpose behind this that we want to connect things to the internet.

What is the purpose of IoT?

We know all things connected to internet send and receive information, or both. This capability of things make them smart, so making things smart is good. Actually in this fast world we need smart things so we can do our work fastly.

If you want to watch a movie on your laptop, it does not necessarily that your laptop must have this movie in a hard drive. It can be stored somewhere else in any other computer in world. There may be a supercomputer with a huge database have thousands of movies. So a thing to be smart does not need huge memory drive. It just needs an internet connection so it can connect to a supercomputer.

What a thing need to be smart?

  • It should have an internet connection.
  • The device could receive information and then perform an action accordingly.
  • It could collect information and then send it to other devices.

I have an basic example for you to understand how we can make things smart and how it works. Let say you are going to your office and want to turn ON your office room air conditioner, so it cools room before you go there. Now there is available wifi air condtioner which remain connected to the internet and can be controlled from smartphone.

Another example is to make a smart garden in your home. In this case, you should be familiar with soil moisture, temperature, and lighting of the garden to grow healthy vegetables. For this, you need sensors you get values of moisture, temperature, and humidity. A wifi-enabled controller can connect these values to your smartphone or laptop for easy access.


Wrapping up

IoT connects devices around us to make them smart which makes people smart. It’s making the world faster and smarter. If you need to learn it then it is necessary to learn some basic concepts of programming. In the next blogs, I will upload its practical applications.

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