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By | July 18, 2020
thingspeak temperature

Thingspeak is a platform where you can visualize and analyze data in the cloud. Its a Matlab product and you can do processing and analysis of live data coming from the cloud. Mostly it is used in IoT projects that need analytics to monitor changes in sensor values in the cloud.

In this post, I will explain a detailed tutorial for beginners to use it and how to set up it. Then we can use it with controllers, like esp32 and esp8266, and different sensors, like temperature and humidity sensors.

To work with it you have to login through your Matlab account, it’s free for non-commercial users. A free version has some limits but if you are a student or belongs to any educational institute then you can get full access by using email from your institute.

Thingspeak important features:

Thingspeak provide different abilities to collect, visualize, and analyze data in the cloud. The following are the key features.

  • Devices easily can configure and send data to thingspeak using communication protocols.
  • Able to see data in realtime
  • It can receive data from third-party software.
  • Can use with Matlab to analyze data
  • It does not need servers and web software to build an IoT system prototype.
  • Automatically perform actions and communicate using third-party software like twitter.

How it works:

Three main steps required by thingspeak to get work, which is to collect data, analyze, and perform an action.

thingspeak working

Thingspeak works with cloud computing, all devices for which you want to get data should be in-network with the cloud database. thingspeak also connects to the cloud database and gets the data stream to display.

Let us take an example that you want to monitor the temperature and humidity of your office room. Then you have to put a controller and sensors set up in your office and connect it thingspeak through REST APIs. The controller will collect temperature and humidity sensor’s data and send it to cloud to visualize it on thingspeak.


its easy to use because no matter where you are, you can check your room status through your smartphone or web just by logging in to thingspeak account.

How to get started with thingspeak?

To get started with thingspeak and data visualization, first of all, go to Link Thinkspeak

Create an account, generally, you can start it free, but for commercial use, you have to pay some fees.

Thingspeak works with following devices

where can thingspeak uses

  • Educators and students
  • Air Quality monitoring
  • Energy monitoring for solar panels
  • Monitoring for smart farming
  • Smart home and automation

Wrapping up

It basically has applications in IoT automation works. It collects data in the cloud then analyze and visualize data on the screen. Then it performs an action according to data received.

Thanks for reading, if you want me to ask something about it please ask me in the comments. In later posts, I will make practical tutorials with sensors and controllers to check live data stream on thingspeak so please stay connected with me.

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